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This is just therapy

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I need to enter the woods
and leave my gouged head
to shed its harried thoughts
among tree whispers,

hushed by voices old
as millenia
perhaps it can find me peace

Headless, I shall take my body
to a field of grass
and leave my eyes to weep

as it gazes at the changing sky
perhaps its beauty can bring me
tears, humility from grief

Blind, I will stumble to the beach
and cast my heart to the sea
whose salt shall scour
my anger off its beat

and drown it shall deep below
among the cool touch of weeds
to bring it the peaceful lull
of forgetting

As for my body
It shall float aimlessly
upon the world’s waters
dictated by the power of gyres

This foolishness
of taking myself apart
seems to me the only means
of bringing back myself
whole and cleansed


Written by thedoe

January 26, 2017 at 7:37 pm

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