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Character Study: Draco Malfoy

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He stood along the boulevard, hands in his jacket pockets, gazing out at the placid sea. The sky above was overcast, a dull gray. It was because of this that his white blonde head stood out like negative space in a painting. It was because of this that Hermione Granger spotted him; her eyes grew wide in recognition, her hand, which had only a moment before hung loosely at her side, sprunt toward her chest like a tense tight-fisted bud. He stood there, oblivious, the expression on his face hard and inscrutable, his lips drawn into a thin line. He seemed lost in the intensity of his own severe thoughts. His profile was much the same as before, his jaw strong and angular. His pallor was still pale as before, but he had filled out, he was a man, not the gangly spiteful adolescent of what – ten? eleven years ago? But he looked very much like a Malfoy, like how anyone who had went to Hogwarts with him would expect him to look in his late twenties. Except that no one had seen Draco Malfoy in the last ten years. He had disappeared as if one day he had just managed to drop out of the world and blinked out into another realm. To be honest, with his family’s reputation an utter wreck after the war, his disappearance would have been missed but as it was, Lucius and Narcissa had been at a loss after they had exhausted all possible means of searching for their son and had reluctantly published a missing persons on the Daily Prophet six months after Draco had vanished without a word. His wand had been right there on the bedside table where he placed it before going to bed. His clothes were all there in his closet. There were no signs of foul play, and if he had run away, he had not left a letter to explain his reasons. One day, he was just no longer there.


Written by thedoe

October 5, 2016 at 10:41 pm

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