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This is writing about loss.

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This is a story. It took a minute for the core plot to set down in thought. A few seconds later, the details were worked out, like the slant of her eyes. But it only took a moment of distraction, for attention to stray, and a colossus fell to the sand, again.

This is a story about a story, written on the back of a draft. The draft is work and the story on its back is distraction, warming a seat. But the draft was thrown in the trash, the story forgotten; remembered only when the irrevocable had passed.

This is a story about a story about a story, now a draft on a notepad in green ink. It is writing about loss, also: clumsy people. It is an attempt to recollect the first trawl. But not everything is here. There is more ephemera – including a line about eyes.

The first story was about a boy and a girl. The first story only took a moment.


Written by thedoe

April 15, 2014 at 5:51 pm

Posted in Telling a story

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