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What I like about plants

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What I like about plants is they’re so busy creating and I’m only here observing. I may spend a day in full sun, hands working the soil, clearing the weeds until the hand’s nails are caked with dirt, the skin stained by earth; stains that no amount of washing can clean without a scrub – but all that is nothing, all that only serves to usher the plants on because it is the plant that does all the creating, though it doesn’t mind my crowding. It’s too busy to be bothered, seeking the sun, breathing the air, tasting the earth.

I am left to fumble for better vocabulary, to describe leaves and nodes in stems, to differentiate rhizomes from roots. So as not to feel left out of the garden’s oeuvre, I hasten to grow my lexicon with a gardener’s jargon so I’m not sidelined, so I can still be here.


Written by thedoe

February 3, 2014 at 10:04 pm

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