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The woman, the traveler, cast out her arm, and gaining substance and distinction from the dim sky of dusk, the peregrine grew in her sight until it came to roost upon her forearm.

“You had been forewarned,” the giant bird said.

The woman could only nod back in silence until the peregrine’s weight grew unbearable on her arm.

Sensing this as the arm upon which it perched began to tremble, the bird hopped to the woman’s shoulder and saw the maturing scar.

“My apologies,” the peregrine uttered in what sounded like a human whisper. Then without announcement it launched itself into the darkening sky.

The woman, the traveler, turned toward the light pack she had placed upon a rock, lifting it over the long-healed shoulder. She set off on a brisk pace. The last light of dusk would not sustain her through the path to the next shelter.

As she walked, the injured arm swung at her side. She felt her own blood trickle down, warm against her skin. She could not know then that the blood spattered all the way down to the ground, and nourished it.
An earlier form appeared here


Written by thedoe

December 15, 2013 at 10:14 pm

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