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Prayer Before a Meal

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Prayer Before a Meal

I remember that one Christmas brother brought home a friend from his church and that first awkward meal (was it dinner?) when brother said grace at father’s signal. Was it brother’s victory then? That finally he could bring God into the house by way of our stomachs? I was ill at ease. How considerate we can be, sometimes. How we pretend so that people do not worry for us and our waywardness. Something blasphemous had happened and it came with the stranger who was the household guest. It was sacrilegious to say grace over the family table where meals never begin or end with prayer to silent and deaf gods. How easily we tramp on the sacred for propriety, and so after hearing wide-eyed my brother’s pleas to his father God, I asked for the rice to be passed and wolfed down my food, intent on getting excused from the table as soon as I could.


Written by thedoe

December 12, 2013 at 5:27 pm

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