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Professors II

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Nice profs are just that: NICE. Ditch them.

Choose the ones who terrorize you out of your stupor, the ones who roar and belch out fire and smoke, who expect something out of you because they think you’re a human being with the meat of smarts inside your skull.

Choose the ones who throw at you heaps and heaps of requirements as though you were Atlas. It’s pretty cool to hold the weight of the world on your shoulders with intellectual muscle.

Choose the ones who return your papers with detailed corrections. You will feel miserable because of all the red marks, but ultimately glad, because you have LEARNED.

Wonder what professors who don’t return papers do with your crammed but hard-earned labor. Speculate that perhaps they will be fuel in your professor’s next coven meeting, or worse yet, become toilet paper substitute for scraping his/her dog’s poop from off the floor. Cry over your wasted blood and sweat. Carry a grudge. Cry some more. Eat ice cream. Eat chocolate mousse. Sweets are best for despair and celebrations.

From A Survivor’s Manual, vol. 1 Studying Away From Home ca 16 Jan 2009


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October 30, 2013 at 11:17 pm

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