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Your participation in class matters. Your effort will go a long way. But some professors just suck.

And some professors are just sick.

And some professors are just full of themselves.

And some professors walk with the divine and talk in tongues.

And some professors are really just machines.

And some professors are rude.

And some professors go nude.

And some professors are just OLD.

But some professors are not just OLD but COOL.

And some professors cross dress, and to this you say, no comment.

And some professors are freaky. They can guess bra cup sizes.

And some professors are confused.

Some professors seem to come from their beds when they come to class. That’s what a bachelor means.

Some professors know no gods.

And some professors are dictators.

And some professors are anarchists.

And some professors are red.

And some professors are sell-outs.

The best professors make you watch porn flicks.

And some professors think the classroom is a stage. It’s best not to take them at face value and read between their lines.

Because some professors like to play games.

With your head.

With rules. With the system. With whatever you hold sacred.

And some professors preach to the class like they’re congregation.

But the best know their shit and practice what they teach.

So take advantage. Great professors are a rare breed. They retire. They die. They go on study leaves. They get married and have kids. They have mouths to feed and get imported to other universities.

Take your professors.

From A Survivor’s Manual, vol. 1 Studying Away From Home ca 16 Jan 2009


Written by thedoe

October 29, 2013 at 10:59 pm

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