Verse Exercises

A portfolio for her verses

Set A

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Your honor,
Have a heart!

a. appeal to force
b. nobody can disagree
c. No,
d. this, to pity


From whom did we learn for lavish?

a. the Americans
b. the Spaniards
c. the Japanese
d. the Malays


The Taoist way

a. let people be
b. nature
c. do not
d. do nothing


Cock as a Filipino sport

a. the Jap
b. Span
c. Brit
d. Chin


peace and harmony

a. love
b. do nothing
c. do not do, do to
d. know


It did not rain,

a. because rain makes
b. if there was rain
c. Yes, rain with wet ground
d. other than rain


What is the one –

a. relations with
b. mainland
c. mainland governed
d. peoples


Written by thedoe

October 16, 2013 at 9:55 am

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