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I’ve stopped hunting

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I’ve stopped hunting for mere words. Younger,
I had flipped through dictionaries and books in search,
filled with a fascination for arcane, archetypal, archaic, old, very old and antique,
filled with a history, and at the same time musical,
somnolent, susurrus, sibilant, menagerie, oracular, chiron, avuncular words.

These days I am no longer a word collector.
There’s too much to keep in; my memory keeps failing. Instead,
I pore over books alerted by description of action, one
or another. Negotiating and navigating within
this universe of language, always familiar and foreign.

I note the means to name, to utter, to bring into the page – the world,
to record action, motion in still frames:

She grabbed the towel and patted her hair dry.

She wrung her hair of water and grabbed
for the towel and patted her body dry.

The hawker on the street called out
to the passersby but not one of their heads lifted.

Furtively, I cast my eyes sideways, glancing from the edge of my vision; the monkeys
holding their cymbals, huge grins plastered on their taught faces.


Written by thedoe

October 3, 2013 at 4:49 pm

Posted in Reflexes

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