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Look what light can do

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It’s a Sunday afternoon, barely an hour or so before dusk, before night claimed the day for its own habits, its own forays. But already it is dark in my room because I am that sort of person who spends Sunday sitting without the lights on, in front of screens, in front of books, always reading. But I look away for a moment from the other world, to take stock of my surroundings, just to see how things are on this side of being.

I look and I see what light can do on the hour before dusk. Look at the light, golden yellow and streaming through the open window. But not glaring or powerful, soft in fact, grazing the curtain upon its entry into my room, falling finally on the floor where it casts the longest shadows. Look at what light can do, bringing the sense of what is past, the faded color of childhood pictures. Look at what light can do, teasing a smile from my lips, kindling a certain warmth for its unannounced visit.

Then it is gone. Night comes so quickly soon after.


Written by thedoe

September 29, 2013 at 5:59 pm

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