Verse Exercises

A portfolio for her verses


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One day it just happened, she clawed around the rib cage, confident,
feeling around the soft interior of that cramped cavity, parting flesh
where it barred the way. She went, through the maze of bone and cartilage,
until her fingertips brushed the firm wall of a beating heart,
her heart, all muscle, all strength, so strong for a tiny tissue glob.

Her one hand wrapped around it as in a mitten holding something warm,
or better, as in a mitt catching a ball. But this ball pulsed as she tightened her hold
into a grip, and swift as thought ripped it loose from the vena cava, violent,
but clean.

She quickly slipped the heart into a washed mayonnaise jar,
turned the lid shut with a bloody hand. There was no need of formalin;
hearts could live outside the body. There was no need,
with none to preserve.

She pushed the jar into a shelf of many other old compartmentalized hers.
In a moment, the water was running.
She hummed as the soap lathered in her hands.


Written by thedoe

June 13, 2013 at 10:19 pm

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