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borrowing a word

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from the reader, to the author
dated this morning
on borrowing a word
dear author,
i just wanted to say that i picked a word from your book
because i quite liked the way it sounded. it is not a very big word, but not very small either.
i am writing to say i’m borrowing, just so. i wouldn’t want anyone thinking i stole a word
not so very small, not for talking with friends, it just isn’t that kind,
but something maybe that i can pick up like in a book,
like this morning. it isn’t a very big word but i wanted to be sure
that i could speak it, in that i meant it, like i’ve been saying it forever,
like it’s always been mine. you can tell when people sound their word if it’s theirs,
a word and a tongue can be very intimate.
so i mouthed it to myself a little in the bathroom mirror,
when the cat curious asked “watt arr yoo du win?”
and i said to him “Cat, I’m speaking a word.”
his brow quickly arched, pointing paws and said “a pro pre-ated word eef i saw wan,” mock hiss
and sat, languid metronome tail that sent me to the desk
citing my sources.
the reader
This is a revision and has appeared previously in an older blog.


Written by thedoe

June 18, 2011 at 4:00 pm

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