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Stop where you are, that’s where you need to be

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In the past two weeks, I have become this person who leans rather wearily on a cold metal bar of the MRT bound for home, to safety, to the semblance of family. I have become this person whom at the end of a long day looks forward to only one thing: slumping and disassembling myself from the taut and tight hold of my self control in order to melt on the bed and lose myself in my muddled dreams. Up the steep stairs of the stations I have to depart from and arrive at, I plod, dragging myself through the crowds, keeping aware enough to know where to wait for the jeepney, when to call it to a halt, which corner to take, how to open the gate.

I want to scream stop! to this person. Stop! Stop where you are! It’s okay to take it slow. It’s okay not to keep pace, even as all your friends and significant peers seem to have become adults overnight (or at least are getting there). It’s okay to get left behind. It’s okay not to participate in this. There’s no hurry. Figure things out. Have the courage to stand still and scan the panorama. What is it that you really want? What is worth living these days for? It’s okay to ask that, and be still. It’s okay, really. Today, tomorrow. It’s all the same. You have all the time to live.
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Written by thedoe

June 11, 2009 at 11:44 pm

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