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Responding to Manuel Bandeira

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ca 2007

What does it mean to reflect the stars?
or the waters, too, in the tranquil depths
Of my silent night, my flowing river?
Shall I, like Rilke, take them all–
light and water, glow and current
–into the vastness of my solitude,
whose plains are wide as the upturned
bowl of the night sky dotted with
twinkling lights?
or like a blooming, unfurling flower
thrust them out, like petals gently unfold
from a bud of a demure rose?
or like sparklers lit
in the eve of December
fling their light
and crack and fizzle bright?
What does it mean to reflect the stars
or the waters, too?
Will my eyes glaze and shine with their light
or shall I bring them inside the rivers
that course inside my darkness and suffuse
the glow of stars, the shine of ripples
and consume them in the cold
placid springs of this self?


Written by thedoe

December 31, 2007 at 6:09 pm

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