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Cold Approach

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Like smoke, cold diffuses, seeps
Through the open window panes,
Touches the concrete with her frozen claws
Her breath falling like mist,
Frosting glass, banishing the heat

She comes silent in the gray dawn
And crawls up beds, cooling the sheets
Lies down like a sleeping companion
To the shivering flesh, the chattering teeth

Drawn and allured to suffused heat
To human flesh, to warm blood,
Which to the ice queen
Must be snuffed, suppressed

The flesh hibernates, surrenders to sleep
In this tropical winter when the poles
Slowly melt
Where the mass of flesh snores, and
Thickens his pelt of woven textile
Forgetting his dues, resigned
This poem was written circa 2007 and was submitted for workshop by the kind creatives of bukalsining.


Written by thedoe

February 27, 2007 at 11:29 pm

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